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What are the biggest term-life providers?

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There are many different things that people consider when exploring term life insurance quotes. One of the things that many people want to know is what the biggest term life providers are. Consumers feel that bigger providers can afford to give the best term life insurance rates, which is a must if you’re looking for cheap term life insurance. In order to help out, we’ve put together this list of some of the biggest term life providers so that you can get the best term life insurance rates possible.

Northwestern Mutual Term Life Insurance

With an 8.46% market share, Northwestern is one of the biggest term life providers around. They offer many types of term life insurance and are a great place to start your search to compare term life insurance rates.

Metlife Term Life Insurance

Many consumers have written glowing reviews about Metlife term life insurance rates, and they are one of the larger companies with a 5.26% market share.

New York Term Life Insurance

Sporting a hefty 5.74% market share, New York Term Life Insurance is one of the most popular options around. Whether you’re looking for basic term life insurance or something more complicated, they are an excellent source to look into.

Lincoln Term Life Insurance

Lincoln features an A+ rating and has a 4.98% market share, making them the fourth largest term life insurance provider. In addition to term life, they offer other products as well and have received solid reviews across the board.

Prudential Term Life Insurance

Prudential has a 3.91% market share, along with an A+ quality rating, which makes them one of the largest term life insurance companies.

As you can see, there are a number of large term life insurance companies you can compare, so don’t hesitate to start shopping today!

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