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Who has the best term life insurance?

Insurance Providers

This question is simply but misleading, because there are so many ways to answer it. You’ll notice that this is the same trick advertisements use: there’s no stable definition of the word best. So the better question really should be, who has the beset term life insurance for me? This is a question that can be answered, as long as you know what is important to you in a term life insurance policy.

Health Checks

One great way to start sorting out who the best term life insurance company is for you is to determine how you feel about answering health questions or even undergoing a medical exam. If you do not want to go through the hassle of dealing with medical information in the process of applying for term life insurance, then that narrows down your list. There are a number of companies that specialize in no health questions term life insurance, although health exams will produce the best term life insurance cost.

Length of Term

Another way to sort what the best term life insurance company for you is to understand what how long of a term you are looking for with your insurance. Some companies offer better deals for longer terms and others for shorter terms. Sorting the companies by the best deals on the term length you are looking for will help to rapidly narrow down your list of possibilities.


You should also look for any specialized term life insurance company or products that might apply to you. These frequently offer much better rates. This will also help narrow down the range of possibilities for the best insurance company for you.

Coverage Amount

Finally, some companies are willing to cover more than others. If you add this criteria to your search then you should reach a point where you are down to a reasonable number of term life insurance products to choose from. Remember, sometimes it is useful to focus on getting rid of what isn’t for you, rather than looking for the perfect product.

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